Arabnet Reveal E-commerce Developments in Middle East

Arabnet Reveal E-commerce Developments in Middle East

Revealed Arab Net Digital Summit 2013, which started its activities on Monday and conclude on Wednesday, the fact that Saudi Arabia is the largest e-commerce markets in the Middle East, followed by the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. Learn More About Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia

And the whole participants, on the first day of the activities of this meeting, which means the field of private digital and development in the Arab world, the magnitude of e-commerce in the region, noting that while the total value of e-commerce $ 15 billion, no more than the size of the sector on the production of one billion. Cash Machines 2.0

He continued specialists that there is “huge potential for growth in the field of e-commerce in the region, has increased the number of employees in the dot com market from 300 to 800 people in less than 8 months, so as to keep up with the pace of the growing demand of the market.”

Regarding the statistics related to the extent of the evolution of the volume of e-commerce in the Middle East, detect full Iyad, Executive Director of Operations at Aramex International that e-commerce increased by 190% between 2012 and 2013, the average transaction value per $ 115 dollars. ”

For his part, Ali Matar, head of “solutions talent” in the “Linked”, that the number of members of the Linked – in the Middle East and North Africa – has reached more than 5 million, and constitute the United Arab Emirates largest regional market, which has a number of Members million people. “.

And discussed the experts, at the top of the “Arab Net” itself, uses augmented reality in the construction sector, and specifically in modeling the data construction by designing schemes interactive three-dimensional story buildings, and display Virtual Tours surroundings 360 degrees, and design models augmented reality on the building and inside the housing units , to study all possible eventualities.